Saturday, October 23, 2010

Going out to Eat

I have change the background to my blog, I was getting tired of the orange. I wanted something different. So now the blog is pretty blue.

So today while I've been having a lazy Saturday, I realize that I have crossed number 37 off the list.

37)Go to 10 new restaurants

I pretty much did this one mainly from going on our trip to Vegas. I think the time we got home we were sick of eating out. So here are the 10 resaurants/eating places that we have went to in the last few months.

1) Le Deux-Troy, Ohio
2) Claim Jumper-Henderson, Nevada
3) Charly's Pub and Grill-Flagstaff Arizona
4) Chipoltle-Dayton, Ohio
5) Landmark Cafe- Galesburg, Illinois
6) Bright Angel Restaurant- Grand Canyon, Arizona
7) Noodles- Las Vegas, Nevada
8) Fat Burger- Henderson, Nevada
9) Pot Belly-Dayton, Ohio
10) Inoteca Otto Pizzeria-Las Vegas, Nevada

The best restaurant that I went to out of these ten I would say way the Claim Jumper. I loved their food. It taste very hearty and homemade. Though their portions were huge. I got the smaller portion and I still had leftovers. The restaurant that I probably liked the least out of the 10 was the pizza. It wasn't that great tasting.

I feel accomplished! I have been crossing a lot of things off my list lately. :)

List Updates!

So I just went through my list and surprisingly crossed things off from my list without realizing it! I have officially completed 19 things off my list out of the 101 things. I need to get busy and cross some more things off the list!

So in the last month I have:

21) Go to a haunted house
35) Finish Wedding Scrapbook
46) Ride in a limo
53) Go to 3 states that I have never been to.
93) Find a hat to wear, that I actually look good in.

21) Go to a haunted house.
I don't remember when I created the list if I met an actual haunted house or a haunted scary house that is man made, with monsters pop out of nowhere. So considering I don't really know of any actually haunted houses. I'm going to say it was the latter. So last week my brother Derrick and I went to two haunted houses. The first one was a LONG wait. We probably had to wait in line for a good 40 minutes. It was disappointing, though of course I screamed and got scared a few times. Those people running around with chain saws scares me every time. So we decide to go to this other haunted house about a few miles down the street from the other one. It was AWESOME, they had this neat vortex thing, that makes it look like the door is moving in circles. And there was this freaky part where we were barricaded and attacked my 3 guys with a chainsaw. It was pretty scary trying to find a way out. Not that the chainsaw actually had a chainsaw on it. But still scary. My brother of course complained after wards for spending a total of 24 dollars on the haunted houses. But I think the experience was worth it. I like having a good old scare.


35) Finish Wedding Scrapbook
So last year for a wedding present I got a wedding scrapbook kit. I started making it, but then quit. So I decided it was finally time to finish it. So I took all the wedding cards I got and cut them out and I put the pictures and things people wrote in them and glued them in the book. Also we had disposable cameras at the wedding so people could take pictures. Most of the pictures taken were horrible, though there were some great pictures taking. It is amazing what people capture and see at a wedding. I got a picture of Derrick picking his nose with a straw. Lovely. So anyways I took the pictures and put them in the scrapbook. I think the scrapbook turned out very nice.

Here are some pictures of the wedding scrapbook:

46) Ride in a limo
So surprisingly I have never rode in a limo for prom or our wedding, or in my entire life for that matter. Though when we were in Vegas, we had the opportunity to ride in a limo for free! It wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be, but it still made us feel special. I loved people in their cars staring at the limo and pointing at it as if they have never seen a limo. It was pretty fun and I'm glad I can finally say that I rode in a limo.

Matt sitting in the limo

53) Go to 3 states that I have never been to.
When we went on our Vacation we went to 3 states. New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona. Well we officially didn't spend more than an hour at New Mexico, though we were there for 45 minutes at as one of the stops on the train. So I can cross that off the list. I still need to visit more states. I really haven't expanded my horizons that much.

93) Find a hat to wear, that I actually look good in.
Ok so this one is very objective. But I decided that I officially looked good in the hat mainly because I spent 25 dollars for it. Yikes. I have never spent that much on a hat ever. When were we in Arizona, we realized that we should have probably brought hats with us, since we would be hiking in the canyons. And I get really bad sunburn on my head since I have really thin hair. So we went to this outdoor store, that was completely over priced. Matt paid 35 dollars for his hat and I paid 25 for mine. What is cool about my hat, is there is a pocket inside of the hat that I can store secret items like money. I don't know if I look that great in it, but probably the best out of all the other hats I have worn. I always look silly in hats. So here is the hat. You be the judge.

So that is it for now. I like to cross some more things off the list soon.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vegas Baby!

We got back from our trip last Saturday. I have been very busy with getting settled back in from our trip that I finally have time to write about it. Our trip was great it went by so fast! I can officially cross off #6 off my list:

6) Go to Las Vegas

We done so much on our trip, we went to Red Rock Canyon, and drove down to Grand Canyon National Park we spent a night there. The Grand Canyon is absolutely amazing and breath taking!

Here is a picture of Matt and I at the Grand Canyon:

We then went to Henderson, NV (Which is about 15 minutes outside of Vegas)and spent two nights at Green Valley Ranch Resort, which was absolutely beautiful. What was nice is there was a casino in the hotel, so we got to gamble some. And the hotel was AMAZING, it was such a fancy hotel. Matt did a nice job picking the hotels. We also went to a bar at the hotel and watched this really fun cover band called "Super Vegas Band". They were so talented! It was the best five dollars that I have spent for a concert. They did Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" and it sounded just like the really thing, the song was wonderful.

After two nights at the Green Valley Ranch we went to the Hoover Dam and took a tour:

I learned a lot of history about the dam. It took them only 4 years to make the hoover dam. The workers would get paid only 4 dollars a day. They our also in the process of making a bridge, the bridge is going to be open at the end of October, so traffic will run through this bridge instead of the Hoover dam.

After the Hoover Dam we finally went to Vegas, and stayed two night there. I would definitely love to go back there again to spend more time, because there is so much to do there. We went to the wax museum and saw tons of wax stars. Some of them looked so realistic, that I seriously thought I was standing right next to the real thing. I even got to stand right next to my celebrity twin Brittney Spears. Well I don't think I look like her, though I have had many people tell me I kind of resemble her. What do you think?

One thing I could not get over is how crowded Vegas is, even at the end of September, there are so many people there. I loved the people that would stand on the street and sell "Lucky" water for a dollar. What is also neat is a bunch of the hotels have outside shows, such as a fire show, and a fountain show. I wished we would have won some big money in Vegas so I could have went shopping in some of the stores. They had some big expensive designers in some of the shops. I didn't even walk in any of them, because I knew I probably would cry just looking at the price tag. We did walk into a Tiffany's jewelry store, and they have such amazing jewelery there, of course I think the cheapest thing there was 1,000 bucks

So we had a really good time in Vegas, and I'm glad to cross it off the list. I don't know if Vegas exceeded my expectations. I think watching movies about Vegas, made my standards very high. But I still had a great time there. We didn't win any money. We probably lost only about 100 bucks. I would only stick to the penny slots. I actually kind of won some money on them.

Here are some pictures of Vegas:

I also ended up crossing two other things off my list while we were on our trip in Vegas. It wasn't planned, but it just so happened to be the way. So it is always nice to cross some extra things off this list. I'll post more about that later. Now I'm off to clean our bathroom, because it is really sad looking about being away for over a week. I think mildew and other nasty things are festering up in it. Well bye for now!

Oh P.S.
One thing I forgot to mention, is Vegas was doing some weird things to my hair! As you notice the picture of me with the wax Brittney Spears, my hair is flat and striaght. Well I didn't even use a flat iron on that. Apparently due to lack of humidity and what not I didn't have curly hair. My curls kept falling out! So I guess if I didn't live in Ohio I wouldn't have naturally curly hair. I kind of liked my hair like that in Vegas. I complained the entire time and said I hated it, but when I came back here, I realize how awesome it was not to have such frizzy and crazy hair. Oh vegas, I heart you. :)