Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Its been awhile but don't worry I still haven't forgot about the list

Wow I just realized it has been over two months since I've updated this blog but don't worry I haven't forgot the list. Though I still have quite a bit to go on the list.

I have crossed off 64 off the list:
64) Complete a song with Guitar on Expert on Guitar Hero/Rock Band

This one was kind of an accident. I've been only able to play Guitar Hero on medium. Moving on to hard has been rather difficult for me. Its hard to press on the orange button while doing the other four colors. Well a few weeks ago Matt and I were playing Rock Band Three. I played Bass mode on Guitar on expert. I was being ambitious. And playing bass is a little easier than playing guitar. I did an a White Stripe song "Hardest Button to press." It was an actually an easy song. I score 95 percent.

Another thing to cross off the list!

I've also crossed number 73 off the list:
Pay off my car loan before January 2011

I had a three year car loan on my car. I wanted to get it paid off early. Which I did I only had 98 bucks left to paid on it which I paid in the beginning of December. Now my car is all paid off. Yah!

So that is 22 things crossed off my list. I still have 83 things off my list to cross off! I have 774 days left to do those things. Hopefully I can get them done.

I can't believe 2010 is almost done with, starting this list back in May has definitely added some excitement to the year.It has kept me busy and has given me things to do.

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