Saturday, October 23, 2010

Going out to Eat

I have change the background to my blog, I was getting tired of the orange. I wanted something different. So now the blog is pretty blue.

So today while I've been having a lazy Saturday, I realize that I have crossed number 37 off the list.

37)Go to 10 new restaurants

I pretty much did this one mainly from going on our trip to Vegas. I think the time we got home we were sick of eating out. So here are the 10 resaurants/eating places that we have went to in the last few months.

1) Le Deux-Troy, Ohio
2) Claim Jumper-Henderson, Nevada
3) Charly's Pub and Grill-Flagstaff Arizona
4) Chipoltle-Dayton, Ohio
5) Landmark Cafe- Galesburg, Illinois
6) Bright Angel Restaurant- Grand Canyon, Arizona
7) Noodles- Las Vegas, Nevada
8) Fat Burger- Henderson, Nevada
9) Pot Belly-Dayton, Ohio
10) Inoteca Otto Pizzeria-Las Vegas, Nevada

The best restaurant that I went to out of these ten I would say way the Claim Jumper. I loved their food. It taste very hearty and homemade. Though their portions were huge. I got the smaller portion and I still had leftovers. The restaurant that I probably liked the least out of the 10 was the pizza. It wasn't that great tasting.

I feel accomplished! I have been crossing a lot of things off my list lately. :)

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