Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So recently 2 new dishes which is part of # 65 off the list

65) Cook 25 new dishes (Deserts, Main dishes, sides)

So here is the first new dish that I made:

It was ok tasting, I doesn't look that good. lol. It's basically beef, salsa, chili powder and mac and cheese. You can garnish it is with tortilla chips and sour cream. I probably won't make it again

EDIT** Matt just walked by and said "Eww what is that? It looks like vomit!" Funny thing is he ate it about a month ago. hahah...

And for dish # 2, if you are in the mood for something really rich and very cherry, cherry cheesecake jubilee is for you! I don't want to know how many calories are in these considering it consist of a whole stick of butter, a whole tub of cherry frosting, and TWO 8 oz packages of cream cheese. It's very rich and sweet. But I like it!

Here is the recipe for these yummy things: cherrycheesecakebars

I brought these to the Inlaws on Sunday. Nick liked them alot, he ate like 4 and Matt's Mom ate two. If you don't like super sweet things, and things that are cherry, then you probably won't like this desert. But I like it, because I have a seriously bad sweet tooth :)

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