Saturday, August 7, 2010

Work it out and kick some butt verison 2.0 is epic fail

Yes, Epic fail again on goal #95. (Work out 4 times a week for 45 minutes, for a total of 12 weeks) But this time I have an good excuse. I worked out on that Monday, and then after that is when I started having some healthy problems. I started having really bad pains on my right and left side. It seems to hurt more when I sit, So because I was in pain, I have not been running. I went to the doctor on that following Thursday, did a blood test and urine test, no UTI or other infections, but she gave me an antibiotic to see if that would help. Well this past Monday the pain got worst, called doctor again she referred me to my OBGYN and said that maybe the pain is a pelvic inflammatory issue. So I get an appointment that day for OBGYN, at this point pain is getting really bad. She wasn't very helpful, and scheduled me for an ultrasound at the hospital and to see her in two weeks. Well fast forward to this past Thursday, pain was getting worst, so bad to the point it was bringing me to tears. So I ended up going to the hospital, they ran some test, ruled out pregnancy though I didn't think I was pregnant in the first place and did the ultrasound. Well in the ultrasound a small ovarian cyst showed up, but it wasn't big enough to be causing all the pain the doctor told me. He said the pain I was having was intestinal spasms which could be a result of having colitis. Though he wasn't officially going to diagnosis me with colitis that day because they would have to do an colonoscopy. So he prescribed me some medicine to help with the spasms I am having. I don't know if the medicine is helping completely because I'm still not feeling that great though I'm thinking maybe I need to watch my diet more, because after I eat certain things it seems like my side hurts more. My mom has colitis so it makes sense why I would have it, I just don't understand why something like this would cause so much pain. It sucks if this is what I have, because pretty much everything I eat right now, are things that I shouldn't eat and will make colitis worst. I've been so frustrated with doctors in the last two weeks, I just want to know what is wrong with me, and I'm not getting any straight answers. Boo. So when all this pain goes away and I'm officially better I will try #95 off my list again.

Also #61 Ride a train across America and # 6 go to Las Vega will be officially happening next month. This plan has been in the works since last December. We just bought our Amtrack tickets a last week to ride the entire trip to and from Vegas. Yes I know, we will not be flying and it's pretty crazy considering it will be a 31 hour trip just to Vegas. We will be driving to Galesburg, IL which will be a 5 hour drive and then going on the train, and will have a sleeper car (Thank God) and will be getting of in Flagstaff, AZ to visit the Grand Canyon one night, and then we will be driving to Vegas. I wasn't really wanting to Amtrack it to Vegas, that was all Matt. Both of us have never flown in a plane, and Matt loves trains. So he one this arguement, and so we will be riding a train across America to and from. Yeah...I am going to be watching tons of movies and reading lots of books. We leave on Thursday September 23 and will be coming back on Saturday Oct 2nd. I'm super excited!

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