Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day and of course that doesn't stop me from laboring

So today on my day off, I only thought it would be fitting to do something productive today. So today I did number 87 off the list.

87) Clean, condense, and organize all my stuff in the basement

I have a bunch of crap in the basement, that is all mine. Matt still needs to put his stuff from his Mom and Dad's house into our basement. A lot of it is stuff left over from our wedding, and just unorganized junk thrown into containers. So after sitting in our basement for about a year, I thought I would finally condense some of the stuff in our basement and organize stuff. So all afternoon I worked on organizing stuff. I'm excited because I found some things I forgot I had. Such as a pocket knife. It was in one of my old purses. And I found a fun cd-rom game called Pandora's Box. It is a fun game with solving puzzles. I got it for Christmas one year when I was in high school. I still haven't beat the game, so I installed in on my laptop and now I am playing it again. I also found this interesting necklace, that I didn't even know I owned or where it came from:

It is kind of like a magic 8 ball, you ask a question and press the question mark and it randomly selects and answer, such as "maybe" or "not clear". So all day today I've been asking silly question like "Am I going to have a baby next year?" and pressing my necklace. Not that the necklace really is going to tell the future, I like having a little fun with stuff like this.

So here is what our basement looked like before the big cleanup. (Now note, I only organized and touched the big piles of boxes. Because those are the only things in the basement, that belongs to me. The only stuff is house stuff, Matt had in there for working on the house. I figured it would be a good idea not to mess with that stuff, because I know he gets mad when I move his stuff.)

I ended up having two big garbage cans filled with trash. My cleaning philosophy,is if I haven't missed the item in a year, then I'm never going to miss it, so might as well throw it away or donate it. It isn't worth collecting useless items that I will never use. What I'm really excited about is I organized my scrap-booking stuff and my beads for jewelry making. So I'll have to work on some of my projects soon, now that they are no longer just thrown in a random container. I ended up having about two boxes worth of stuff that I am going to donate to Goodwill. A lot of the stuff is glass centerpieces from our wedding. I don't really need them anymore, so might as well donate them. I have used a few of them for decor in my house, but I really don't need twenty of them for decor in my house.

Goodwill probably likes me, I'm always getting rid of stuff to donate to them:

After three and a half hours later, and after condensing my items and getting rid of about 3-4 boxes of stuff, here is the end result:

EDIT: I forgot to mention I also have an Ebay pile too. Matt is really good with selling stuff on Ebay, so I have a pile of stuff like old cds, my camera, etc, that I hope we can get a little money from.

So that crosses off 87 off the list. It feels so good to cross something off the list! I haven't done that in a while now. I feel so accomplished today. I think maybe tomorrow I'm going to start the no-cussing for three months. I've been have a terrible potty mouth. We'll see. I hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend!

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