Friday, September 3, 2010

Mmm Pie

Today I made an apple pie! From an apple tree at my in-law's house. So this take one of the five pie that I have to make off my list.

69) Make a apple, cherry, pumpkin, pecan, and strawberry pie

The reason these pies are on my list, is because I have never made these kind before. I have made a rhubarb pie, a grape pie, and a pear pie.

This is the recipe that I used http://

It turned out really yummy! And it was pretty easy to make!

Here are some pics of the apple pie I made:

Can I just say I love the Pamper Chef corer,slicer, and peeler it makes it 100 times easier to slice up the apples!

This is how the pie turned out!

And here is the pie ready to eat, with a little ready whip on top. And it was delicious!

Now only 4 more pies to make.


  1. Just wanted to say good luck with your 101 goals. I'm also doing a list so it's always good to see other people doing one too.

    Good luck :)