Saturday, September 25, 2010

Riding a Train Across America

So yesterday I officially completed number 61 off the list!

61) Ride a train across America

This trip to Vegas has been in the works since last December. Though how we were going to get to Vegas was the million dollar question. We decided now to fly to Vegas, though it would have been the smartest and most logical way to travel. Since Matt and I have never flew EVER, we were kind of nervous about the idea. And plus Matt LOVES trains, he is a major train enthusiast. I was very apprehensive riding a train across America. It wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. At least it seemed to go very fast, though I felt SO SICK and dizzy from the trip. We left from home on Thursday around 10:00 am. We drove to Galesburg, IL, had to kill about an hour of our time, and then we were off to depart around 6:00 pm, which would be 7:00 Ohio time. Here is the Am-Track we went on:

We then went on Coach for the first 4 hours, we pasted through a little part of Iowa, and then we had a 45 minute stop to Kanasas City Missouri, where we took all our crap and moved to a sleeper car. (It was cheaper to do it that way) I pretty much freaked out when we went to our sleeper car. It was not what I was expecting. It was so small. It looked like a small narrow closet. Literally there was a bed on the bottom and a bed on top and a foot of space from the bed to the door. I felt so claustrophobic, I couldn't breath. It took a while for me to get use to it. So we went to sleep probably around 11:00. (12:00 Ohio time) I'm surprised but I fell asleep right away, and pretty much slept the entire night. While we were sleeping we went through Kansas. I hope on the way back I'll get to see it. When we woke up it was 6o'clock. We gained another hour while we were sleeping, so technically it was 8:00 Ohio time. I hated trying to use the bathroom, get ready for the day, and eat meals. It is so hard to walk around on a train. Though it is neat to look out the window and get a scenic view. During the day we pasted a little bit of Colorado, and then pretty much the entire day we past through New Mexico.

Here are some pics of Colorado and New Mexico:

We gained another hour around 7:00 at night, so it was pitch black by 6:00 when we got into Arizona. Finally around 9:00pm which would have been 12:00 am Ohio time, we reached Flagstaff AZ. It was really chilly. I needed a jacket. We got a taxi to the hotel, and can I just say the three hour time change is throwing me off. I woke up 6:45 this morning. Not the normal time I wake up. hehehe.

So it wasn't terrible the trip. I just felt like I was getting terrible motion sickness. Matt and I are going get some stuff to help with motion sickness on the way back. Hopefully the trip on the way back won't be terrible. My favorite part when we ate lunch, and got to sit by this awesome older couple in their late sixties from England. They were so cool! They have traveled all around the world, and so adventurous for their age. They shared amazing stories of their travels.

And can I just say I felt so weird sleeping in a bed tonight that wasn't moving. I felt like I was still moving from the train ride, when we went to bed.

Well we are off to go to the Grand Canyon today, and then I think tomorrow we are going to Vegas, which will be another thing to cross off the list :)

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