Thursday, June 17, 2010

The month of no pop is finally over!!

It's finally have been a month of no pop and I have survived! I rewarded myself today with a cherry coke. Yummy. I will say I did find myself with drinking an absurd amount of coffee. I never usually even drink coffee, but I usually have a pop when I get tired, so instead I had coffee, though I didn't put as much sugar on it.

So I can cross that off the list :)

And I completely forgot to mention this, and I forgot it was on my list, but about three weeks ago we bought a new fridge!

Which means # 89 Is also off my list!!

And here is a pic of the new fridge:

Can I also add the working out thing for four times a week is going very well, I have so far have kept up with this, I love running, yesterday I ran/walked 4 miles in 50 minutes. I hope to be able to do 6 miles soon.

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