Sunday, June 27, 2010

Whoever said carving your name into a tree was easy LIED

Today I have completed #49 off the list:

49) Carve my name into a tree

And can I just say that was a pretty hard thing to do. It took me FOUR different trees, yes FOUR to get it right. So my sad 3 failed attempts until finally I was able to do it on my 4th try. And it really didn't look that great, but who cares my name is marked on one of our trees in the front yard. Really hideous letters and scribbles are marked on 3 other trees in our yard as well. I always thought carving a name into a tree was easy, wow was I wrong. It took me a good half hour until I finally found a tree that liked my name.

So let me show you my carving adventure through pictures:
This is tree number one. First I had a crappy pocket knife on Matt's key chain which was not cutting anything, so I go into the house a grab a kitchen knife, and Matt goes "Megan what are you doing." Little me continues walking and goes outside to attempt using a kitchen knife. Of course Matt was wondering what I was doing with that thing, he stopped me, which I am glad because I probably would of cut my finger off or somehow mess up my kitchen knife. Matt tells me he actually has a better pocket knife elsewhere. So I chip chip away, to realize, the way the bark is there is no way I will be able to carve my name into this thing

So I go to tree number two and I chip away some bark, to realize the way this bark is there is no way I can chip it off. So I put my name on it vertically. It looked really bad, but now looking at the picture well at least it looks like my name, but me being a perfectionist, I was not happy with the results of my name carving, so I went to tree number three.

So tree number 3, is really black and a smoother surface, because at this point I finally realize I need a tree with smooth bark, expect we have no trees like that. So again I attempt to carve my name, but only get to "MEG" because I have no more room because the smooth surface was ended, now there is some bumpy surface. So I gave up on tree number 3, and I was really hoping tree number 3 was the charm. But it was not!

So finally tree number 4 was a success! Sort of, well I was able to get my name in there. I even tried to make a smiley face, but that turned out pretty bad. It was like at the butt of the tree, so it was kind of awkward trying to get my name over the crack part of the tree, and it was fun sitting in the mulch that Matt has around the tree, because the smooth surface I found on the tree was only about two feet from the ground.

So now I have my name in four different places in our yard, so the next owners of our house will always remember Megan, the girl that had a REALLY hard time writing her name in a tree.

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