Monday, June 7, 2010

Work it out and kick some butt!

Today I have decided to start 95 on the list:

95) Work out 4 times a week for 3 months straight (1 hour)

Main reason is I'm starting not like the way my body is looking, it is time to tone things up and get in shape! I have a membership at the YMCA, but I barely use it. Lately I have been only going once a week. So I need to get better use out of my YMCA membership, and I want to look better and feel better about myself. My main concentration is working on my belly. It is so flabby, It needs to be flatten. Also doing this goal I'm hoping to killing a few birds with one stone like look good in a 2 piece, do 100 sit-ups and run in a 10 k. So today I just worked out for an entire hour. I ran/walked 3 miles and did some other exercises for the other 20 minutes. Boy an hour feels like a long time. I love running, so I'm hoping to spend most of my workout time running. So Hopefully I can do this, I know dedicating an 1 hour four times a week to working out will be hard, but I will say I love the way I feel after I work out.

So this will be done in 12 weeks on September 5th (would be the last day of the work out o'fun? ) Hopefully this will help tone me, if nothing else I'll feel healthy!

Can I say I have about a week and a half left on giving up pop. And I want a pop soooooo bad. But I'm almost there! June 17th is my last day!

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  1. Honestly once you start working out a few times a week you won't be able to give it up!!

    I've been going ~3 times a week since this past January & I've toned up a ton and I feel great.

    But I have gained somewhere between 3-5 pounds... probably muscle gain. Oh well.