Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some Updated Progess so far on the list:

Here are some updates on the current things I have been working on my list:

8) Donate blood

I'm hoping to do this one some next this week, maybe we will see. I found a great place in Dayton that I can do it at, so I was thinking one day after work I could go there to donate blood. Even though I know it is seriously going to freak me out, I really want to do this.

18) Read 50 books (Currently have read 2/50)

So far I have read 2 books and currently on my third, which I haven't touched in over a week, because it just isn't as exciting as the other books I was reading in the Meg Cabot series. I hate when books do that to me. I love getting so interested in a book that I just can't put it down.

22) Watch 26 movies I have never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet (Currently have watched 9/26)

So far I have watched 9 movies that have started with A,B,C, G, I, O, S, V, and W

I know I am going to have a fun time finding a x, and z, and q, movie that I have not seen. And can I tell you I LOVE having Netflix, it makes it very helpful watching movies I have not seen. Because if you know me I used to work at Blockbuster for about 8 years, and I would get free movies to watch, so I have seen TONS of movies. Now that I don't work there, I feel like I have a lot of movie watching to catch up with.

25) Do the splits

So lately I really like to just randomly bust out the splits. Or at least attempt to. Which I am still not successful with. I am SOOOOOO close! My legs are literally about 3 inches off the ground that is how close I am. I ended up getting rug burn about a month ago for trying to do the splits. A co-worker gave me some good tips on how to do the splits. She said I should be able to take my chin and touch my knee while spreading my legs out which I can do. I just need to stretch my legs out more, and get those muscles ready to be super flexible. I have been at least giving me some good random entertainment showing them my sad attempt to do the splits. It is a good laugh is nothing else. I hope to be able to do the splits in the next month or so, We will see :)

29) Complete a 365 day photo challenge (Currently working on started on May 18, 2010)

I am having so much fun with this one, and I have heard from some people that they enjoy looking at my pics, and that they look forward to looking at them. Most days are pretty easy to find something to take a picture of. But other days I have no idea. So when you see a random object in my pictures, that is why. But I can't wait when the year is completed and I can look back at all my fun pics!

65) Cook 25 new dishes (Deserts, Main dishes, sides) (Cooked 1 out of 25)

I feel like cooking 25 new dishes is going to take forever! I hate having to think outside the box, which is usually why I make the same stuff all the time. And plus all the recipes I want to make call for expensive ingredients.

About a few weeks ago I made this taco mac stuff which has salsa, chili powder, macaroni and cheese, and meat. You could also garnish it with tortilla chips. It wasn't too bad. Matt liked it. So that is always a good sign. I don't know if I would make it again.

95) Work out 4 times a week for 3 months straight (1 hour)(Currently working on)

This is such a hard one. I find myself so bust to find time to work out 4 times a week. Like this week I had to work out on Monday for it to be counted for last week. (Which I started that week on Wednesday) and then this week same thing I need to work out today, which would be the third time, and then work out tomorrow which will me my 4th time. I know the four times a week isn't exactly from Sunday to Sunday, but it is in a 7 day period. I do enjoy working out though it is just so hard finding the time. I do notice that I am already starting to look a little toner from all the working out :)

I'll probably do something off my list today, not sure what though. Maybe I will carve my name into a tree, hopefully I won't cut a finger off. :)

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