Tuesday, May 18, 2010

365 Day Photo challenge:

Today I decided to start the 365 Day Photo Challenge. Which is this one off the list:

29. Complete the 365 Photo Challenge

How it works, is you take one picture each day for an entire year. So starting today, I will take pictures until May 18, 2011. I wasn't originally going to start this challenge today, and it would make sense to start in the beginning of the year, but it all started when I got Pizza at Little Caesar's. I was getting dinner, because I didn't feel like cooking tonight, after going grocery shopping for over an hour. So I am leaving the place with a pizza, crazy bread sticks, pizza sauce (note it is very HOT pizza sauce in a small container) and a 2 liter of pop. Well the pizza sauce came flying and it slide off the pizza box I was carrying, and spilled all over my left foot and shoe, and my pants leg. Then it was all over the concrete floor, by the entrance. So I had to go back into the place, and ask for another pizza sauce, and give the sad spilled empty pizza sauce container to the employee, and I'm sure they probably had to clean the big mess I left on the floor by the front entrance. They were probably laughing at me, and thinking WOW that girl doesn't know how to keep things in her hand. So it got me thinking if only I had my camera, I could of took a picture of the spill, and put it in my 365 challenge. But I didn't, so I took a picture of the aftermath of my foot, after wiping some of the sauce off my foot. And can I tell you my foot got burned a little from the sauce! So I am starting the challenge and I will be carrying my camera in my purse, to capture those funny moments. Because I do have quite a number of funny moments. The idea of this project is to take a picture that highlights the day, and then I will have a snapshot of an entire year to look back at. FUN! So I will be keeping my photos on Facebook.

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Here is the first picture for 365 Day Photo Challenge:

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