Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nothing like drinking beers

So I've completed number 98 off my list:

98) Successfully drink an entire can of beer

So this may seem like a silly thing to have on one's list, but surprisingly enough I have never drank an entire can of beer. I have attempted to drink it, but I would always spit it off or only be able to drink a few sips of it, and then feel like I am about to hurl. I always drink Mike's Hard lemonade, or Smirnoff, or some kind of mix drink. I'm always a pain in the but at gatherings, because I won't drink beer. So the reason I have put this on my list, to expand my horizons, and who knows, maybe I will start drinking beer more often, because actually it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. So about a half hour ago, I opened a can of Miller lite, and took little sips of it, and ate some chips. And the more I started to drank it the more I realized it wasn't that bad. I think what helped is lately I have been eating a lot of beer bread, which I love! So drinking the beer just reminded me of the yummy taste of beer bread. I must say how surprised I am how buzzed I am from one beer, maybe because it is the first beer I have ever had, but drinking one bottle of Mike's Hard lemonade doesn't have that effect. hehehehe. And Can I say beer is a lot cheaper than mix drinks and malted beverages. So if you have any good types of beer to recommend, let me know, I am willing to try some different types.

Here are some pics to prove that I have definitely just had an entire beer:

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