Thursday, May 20, 2010

Leave an inspirational note:

Today I have just completed number 3 off the list. It is such a great feeling when I can cross something off my list!This is the one I have completed:

3)Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find

I have just finished Meg Cabot's book Boy meets girl , and since another book I had was due this Saturday back to the library. (BTW I have a new obsession with Meg Cabot books, I love them!) I decided to go ahead and do number 3 off this list. I think this is a fun one! So I wrote an inspirational note, with mostly quotes in it, and sayings that I have made up about words of wisdom about life. So I folded up my note and put it in the book, and hopefully someone will read it and it will put a smile on their face.

Here are some pics of the note that I left:

Also I like to say, it is really hard to try to do the splits (which is on my list) I'm very close but still not there, It is going to take awhile. And I ended up getting rug burn on my foot today, I guess attempt to do the splits, caused my foot to rub against the carpet. So now I have a lovely mark on my foot.

Operation Pop is going great, though I am only on day 4. But so far not dying for pop.

I am also currently working on reading 50 books. I have just finished my first one, now 49 to go! Right now I'm watching Soapdish, (Which is a pretty stupid movie)now I have the S and A of the watching 26 movies from A-Z.

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